Easy Stenciled Christmas Cards & Decor

Easy Stenciled Christmas Cards & Decor (1)

Easy Stenciled Christmas Cards and Decor

These stenciled Christmas cards and decor were very easy to make! They lend a nice, homespun touch to our holiday decor on the homestead.

If you would like to make your own Christmas cards and decor for the holidays, stencils are an easy way to create them.

I started my cards and decorations over the summer. You will want to leave time for the paint and clear coat to dry thoroughly before touching, displaying, or wrapping up as a gift.

I hope your Christmas is Merry & Bright!

Stencils For Christmas Cards and Decor

Stencils are nice for creating cards and decorations because you don’t have to be particularly artistic to use them, they are quick and fairly easy to use, and you can make quite a few cards or decorations in a short period of time.

If you need a last-minute card, gift, or even wrapping paper, stencils allow you to create an item quickly.

You can create Christmas cards with a wide variety of scenes in a short amount of time with stencils.

Christmas Cards

I had several packages of pre-made, blank cards on hand and I stenciled Christmas cards and everyday greetings with a selection of images on them. Some were crafty country scenes, a nativity scene for Christmas, and pretty snowflakes.

A homespun holiday!

Christmas Decorations

I wanted to create some decorations with stencils for the holidays this year and I found a way to do this without spending much money.

My husband and I cut squares from scrap wood and I sanded them down until they were smooth.

The lumber was quite thick so these stand on their own, but you could attach a small piece of wood to the back as an easel type stand. You could also use a thin piece of wood and attach a picture hanger to the back for your own wall decor.

Using non-toxic, water-based paint, I painted the wood and wiped the excess paint off to create a stained effect.

I like how the wood grain shows through. You could paint the wood with a solid color too.

Once the ‘stain’ was dry, I used the stencils to apply my design. You could add glitter paint to the design for a little bling if you like.

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and then apply a clear, protective coat to the surface. You may need to apply two coats.

I reviewed a number of stencils earlier this year for Stencil Revolution and I enjoyed using their products. You can read my review and tips for using stencils here.

I received the stencils free to review, and I shared my personal opinion. I am not an affiliate for Stencil Revolution and I don’t make a commission on the sale of their products.

This is one of the stencils I used to create my Christmas decor. This image is too large to fit on a 4 x 6″ greeting card. Image courtesy of Stencil Revolution

Stencils are Versatile and May be Used in Many Ways

You can do a lot more than stenciled Christmas cards and decor. Use stencils for making wall art, decorations for your porch or patio, gifts, everyday greeting cards and thank you notes, wrapping paper, gift tags, totes…use your imagination!

There are books and websites with great ideas you can use to create all kinds of things.

Farm Fresh Eggs Stencil
You can make gifts all year round with stencils! Image courtesy of Stencil Revolution.

One of the nice things about stencils is that you can wash them and reuse them over and over again. You’ll probably want a variety of stencils to create different images, but having them on hand allows you to make an elegant gift quickly.

I had trouble picking out just a few designs from the website, but I’m happy with the ones I have and I love the results!

Do you make your own Christmas cards or holiday decorations? Leave a comment and tell what you like to make!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Easy Stenciled Christmas Cards and Decor 
I used stencils to create these pretty cards and chunky stand-alone signs for the holidays!
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