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Visiting Family In New York

Sunrise from my parents’ back porch.


Visiting Family In New York

This year has been full of adventures. We camped, hiked, vacationed, went a bunch of places…and we visited family! (I will share more of our adventures soon, unfortunately my computer crashed and I’m still trying to get some of my photos back.)

My younger sister lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and she planned a trip back to visit our parents in New York for this October. So we made the trek out to visit while she was back home.

We visited an Amish candy shop and picked up 2 bushels of apples from another Amish family. Sorry, no photos of the Amish! (Not cool to take their picture.)

Another day was spent visiting our family in Jamestown to celebrate a couple of birthdays. I’m not telling whose. 🙂

Dirt road through the woods.

I had a chance to walk down the dirt road where my Dad owns some land. I love the views from there.

We used to go sledding down this road when I was a kid. Now they plow it and people drive on the road over winter. I’m guessing my old bones wouldn’t hold up too well to sledding these days anyhow.




I’ve always wanted to move back to this area, but I don’t think we can afford that dream. It kinda looks like we’ll be staying in Illinois. Oh sure, Illinois is nice. We have a lot of friends here! But a little bit of my heart will always be in Western NY.


My Dad’s land.


This photo is of part of the parcel of land my Dad owns. It has been in our family for a long time. We hoped to build a house there someday. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket! Oh wait, that hasn’t worked so far.


Point Gratiot
The beach at Point Gratiot park.


We took a drive over to Point Gratiot Park in Dunkirk, NY. I’m narrowing down the whereabouts of my childhood home a bit. 🙂

It was a beautiful afternoon, but the wind was whipping up the waves!

I love this park. We used to go swimming there in the summer. No swimming on this visit!

Point Gratiot
Wind and waves!


I’ve always been intrigued by driftwood. As a kid I would drag all sorts of driftwood home from vacations. I know…I have expensive taste.

Point Gratiot

These days I find that taking pictures is a lot easier. 🙂


Point Gratiot
I really liked this shot of driftwood. Glad I didn’t have to carry this home!


There is a pretty cool looking lighthouse at Point Gratiot. I’d like to visit someday, but it didn’t look like it was open this time. There is a Veteran’s Museum there too.


The Lighthouse at Point Gratiot.


It was great to see our family. We go back most every year for a visit and always enjoy seeing the hills where I grew up. I hope you enjoyed these photos!

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