How to Freeze Green Beans & Farm Fresh Tuesdays #65

How to Freeze Green Beans

How To Freeze Green Beans

Wondering how to freeze green beans? You’re in luck! This article gives step by step instructions for freezing your bounty of beans while they are fresh and in season. I’ve been freezing green beans for years now and I love having these delicious veggies stashed away in my freezer for the winter!

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How to Blanch Green Beans

The first step in freezing vegetables (including green, wax, or Roma beans) is blanching. This step involves heating the vegetables through to kill the natural enzymes. Freezing vegetables without blanching (or under blanching them) causes deterioration of the plant matter, leading to loss of nutrients, flavor, color, and texture.

Begin by washing beans thoroughly and snipping the ends off. You can also snap them into smaller pieces or leave them whole depending on your preference.

How to Freeze Green Beans

Boiling Water Blanching

Blanching vegetables in boiling water is the best way to prepare green beans for freezing. In the past, I have used microwaving and steam blanching but found that these methods don’t provide the best quality of frozen green beans because the enzymes aren’t destroyed as well as in boiling water blanching.

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil
  • Add beans
  • Blanch for 2 minutes for small beans and 4 minutes for large beans
  • Remove beans from boiling water
  • Place beans into a bowl of cold water to chill quickly
  • Drain beans when they are completely cool
How to Freeze Green Beans

Chilling and Freezing Blanched Beans

As soon as beans are blanched, remove them from heat and chill quickly. The faster your veggies are chilled, the more nutrients they will retain. Here are several ways to chill blanched vegetables quickly:

  • Place in cold water
  • Place in a bowl of ice water
  • Spread on cookie sheet and place in freezer

Pack Green Beans in Freezer Bags

Once your beans are chilled, pack them in freezer bags or use a vacuum sealing system to package them in freezer bags with the air removed.

Vegetables frozen in vacuum-sealed bags will last much longer than those stored in zip-lock type bags. I use both types of bags, although I prefer the vacuum-sealed bags. Any veggies froze in zip lock bags are used first so they don’t get freezer burn.

Be Sure to Label Them!

Make sure you label the freezer bags with the contents and date they were processed! This makes it much easier to grab what you want and use your frozen goods up before they get freezer burned.

Do you freeze green beans and other veggies for the winter? Leave a comment!

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How to Freeze Green Beans...3 methods for blanching and freezing green beans. Learn to preserve your harvest!

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