A Patchwork of Autumn

Alpaca Dryer Balls, Patchwork Table Runner, and Chicken Mug

I am fortunate to have very thoughtful friends and family! They made my (recent) birthday special with their kind words and conversation, gifts, and cards.

I’m not sharing photos of everything here, but I thought my dear readers might enjoy these homestead related gifts from my friends, Brandi and Maria.

First up are these all natural dryer balls made from 100% alpaca fiber. Hopefully you can read most of the information that came with them. The fiber was sheared from the alpacas raised on Odyssey Acres Alpaca Ranch. I went out to lend a hand in 2016 for their annual ‘alpaca shearing day’…and had a lot of fun!  I would have gone again this year, but because of my bad hip I decided to sit it out. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to get back into the action.

Brandi has the alpaca fiber milled and spun into yarn or made into dryer balls at Alpaca Pines Farm and Fiber Mill. If you are interested in having fiber milled, they have an order form and pricing available on their website. (This is not a paid advertisement!)

The alpaca fiber dryer balls and the cute chicken mug were from my friend Brandi…isn’t she sweet?!

My friend Maria made this charming patchwork table runner for my birthday!

I’m afraid that my photos don’t do any of these gifts justice.

A Patchwork Project

The super cute table runner was a gift from my friend Maria. She is a very talented lady and has given me homemade gifts for several years. It’s always fun to see what she has been working on in her arts and crafts studio! (There is a rumor that she is working on a blog to share her creations with the world and when that is available you had better believe that I will be sharing links!)

Maria used sample packs of fabric that allow you to purchase coordinating patterns. She chose shades of blue, tan, ecru, and off white that are lovely together. Squares of fabric were pieced together and quilted in a diamond pattern with the batting and a neutral fabric for the backing. She created a border and made her own binding from the coordinating fabrics. I love the way it came out!

Have you ever used Alpaca fiber dryer balls? I’d love to hear what you think of them!

Do you create patchwork or quilt pieces? Do you have a favorite website for ideas?



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