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Scruffy Chicks, Sprouting Seeds, & Turkey Troubles

Scruffy Chicks - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre


Scruffy Chicks

Our 23 mixed breed chicks hatched 3 weeks ago and they’re at that in-between stage…past being cute fluffballs but their feathers aren’t completely grown in. So they look pretty scruffy and comical now. They’ve been happily exploring their brooder room, along with our 6 ducklings. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have turkey eggs to hatch soon, and a new batch of babies to move out to the brooder room.


Turkey Troubles - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Turkey Troubles

I have 3 turkeys I bought as poults last June. Unfortunately, they are all hens! My friends over at Trogg’s Hollow are lending me their Tom for breeding. I brought him home yesterday and attempted to introduce him to the ladies. They wanted nothing to do with the intruder and began pecking his poor head. He was quite a gentleman and didn’t fight back, so I had to intervene. I kept him in a cage in the coop overnight and attempted the introductions again this morning. After a lot of fighting, a little bit of blood, and some indignant turkey hens…things finally calmed down. Now this guy is displaying his handsome plumage with gusto. He’s been at it all day, although the hens seem unimpressed. Hopefully they will work out their differences soon!


Sprouting Seeds - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre


Sprouting Seeds

The fun ‘work’ of starting seeds indoors under lights is underway on our homestead. I’ve planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, savory, thyme, sage, leeks and onions. The tiny little thyme seedlings and a few Evergreen bunching onions are emerging, so far. The seeds planted outside have been subjected to some pretty chilly days and I haven’t seen any signs of germination yet. I’ve started harvesting perennial onion greens and some French sorrel from the garden, but while we wait for more spring greens to fill our salad bowls, I’m sprouting seeds indoors. I’ve tried some mixtures, but the alfalfa sprouts have quickly become my favorite. We sprinkle them on omelets, add them to sandwiches and salads, and I’ve even topped my soup with them. It’s nice to have some homegrown veggies in March!

Are you hatching chicks, duckings, or turkey poults this spring?

Do you sptart your own seedlings indoors? I always enjoy hearing about your experiences!