Cast Iron Envy

Cast Iron Cookware at the Autumn Pioneer Fest

Last weekend was the annual Autumn Pioneer Festival in Belvidere, Illinois. I try to make it there every year to see all the great pioneer living displays. It reminds me of my Grandparents’ home a little bit and brings me back to my roots. I always feel more at peace with the world after visiting with the re-enactors and walking through the old homestead cabins.

cast iron

Can I have one of each? Pretty please?


Dutch oven envy!

Dutch oven envy!

One of the highlights for me each year is the cast iron cookware on display. If I had a bigger kitchen I would most definitely collect these treasures! I do have a few pieces that I use pretty regularly…my cast iron griddle and frying pan get a lot of action, and my Dutch oven is used a lot in the winter on our woodstove.

cast iron

I really like the cast iron ‘corn’ bread pan!

Sometimes I day dream about moving into an old cabin in the woods and living more like our pioneer ancestors. I suppose I live a little bit closer to that lifestyle than most folks. But we still have a tv, electricity, and a fairly modern home.

cast iron

Popping corn in a cast iron kettle.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a huge cast iron cauldron for cooking outdoors, like this one?

cast iron

A nice selection of cast iron cookware.

If I ask nicely, maybe my hubby will give me some cast iron for my birthday! 🙂

cast iron

Cast iron wood stove, with candle form, pans, and old fashioned clothes iron (under stove). My Gram used an old iron like this one when she was young.

Our wood stove is much more modern than this one and it doesn’t have an oven, but I still love cooking on top of it in the fall and winter. We use the electric stove very little once the weather gets cold and our electric bill is much lower since the wood stove was installed.

cast iron

I love this display!

I’ll share more photos from the Boone County Autumn Pioneer Festival in another post. I hope you enjoyed all these wonderful cast iron pans!

Do you collect cast iron cookware? What is your favorite cast iron pan?



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