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A Very Pretty Chicken Quilt

Del and Daisy May

A Very Pretty Chicken Quilt

Not too long ago I was contacted by a lady named Rebecca who found one of my chicken photos online and wanted to use the image for creating a quilt. Needless to say, I was flattered that she asked! She promised to share a photo when the quilt was complete.

I’ll just take a moment here to admit that my sewing skills are rudimentary, at best. I can sew a button on a shirt and mend clothes, but I never was much good at creating a garment, patchwork block, or other more intricate sewing projects. So I have to say that quilts like Rebecca’s really amaze me. 🙂

Rebecca contacted me the other day with photos of the finished piece. It measures 31″ x 23″ and looks fantastic!

Del and DaisyMae - Immortalized in quilt form!
Del and DaisyMae – Immortalized in quilt form!

I love her artistic representation of my chickens! She named her creation ‘Del and DaisyMae’. Rebecca will be entering her artwork in a juried show in San Antonio…best wishes with your entry, Rebecca!

Here is a close-up…

I love the detail!
I love the detail!

Have you ever created quilts or other artwork depicting chickens?

Update…this quilt was stolen from the art show where it was on display. Please let me know if you see it and I will contact the rightful owner.

25 Comments on “A Very Pretty Chicken Quilt

  1. That quilt has to win! I’ve never seen such intricate detailing on a quilt. I am one of those unfortunate ones that keeps trying but my quilts are far from art and would never win awards.

  2. I guess you could call her, Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farms! She does fantastic work!!! I know, I have one of her pieces!

  3. Wow, the quilt pic is gorgeous. I quilt a bit, also, and I can tell you a lot of hours went into this art quilt. I’d be surprised if it did at least place or win in a show.

    1. Thank you, Toni, if it is chosen for the exhibit, or wins a prize (fingers crossed), I’ll let Lisa know.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. The eyes are always the most important part. I’m sorry I do not have a video, but I created the eyes using just a base solid color of fabric (medium brown for both chickens), then “painting” with several different threads to give the color variation, finishing up with black ink for the pupil and a tiny dab of white fabric paint for the highlights. 🙂

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