My 25 Pound Turkey

Big Turkey
Now THAT is one plump turkey!

Butchering a 25 Pound Turkey

I’m almost done butchering the 10 Broad Breasted White turkeys I ordered this spring and raised on our homestead. There’s one left to butcher when I get a nice cool day, but the rest are in the freezer or I pressure canned the meat for winter.

The last turkey I processed weighed 25 pounds. That’s dressed weight, not live weight. I had my hands full butchering this one but managed to do it all on my own. The last live turkey might wait until my parents stop on their way back to New York from their trip to Alaska. If the weather is good and it doesn’t get way too big before then. We’ll see.

Do you butcher your own turkeys? What is the largest that you’ve ever processed? Share in the comments!

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