Oz and Merggie’s Big Adventure

Look how big I am!

Look how big I am!

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The Odd Couple’s First Day Outdoors

Merggie and Oz have been in the brooder room off the side of my chicken coop for almost a week. They are adapting just fine and are no longer afraid of every sound the chickens make. Merggie was very weak when he/she first hatched and I was afraid the poult wouldn’t survive. Now it is a completely different story! I no longer have to worry because Merggie has a big sibling to snuggle with. They crack me up because the little turkey is much bolder than Oz, who is about 4 times bigger. Oz tries to hide under me whenever he/she gets the chance, and is a real momma’s, um, goose. Merggie, on the other hand, is much more independent and likes to explore.

I don't know about this 'outdoors' thing.

I don’t know about this ‘outdoors’ thing.

I took them outside for the first time yesterday. Oz tried to hide under me while Merggie started exploring. Pretty soon OzΒ warmed up to the idea and started sampling the grass and dandelions, and checking things out.

Maybe I'm not that big after all.

I don’t know, Merg, seems kinda scary out here.

But they both kept very close to me and started to shiver in the cool air. It wasn’t a long adventure, since they still need to stay warm. I also wanted to get back to my gardening.

Eating some very fashionable garden wear.

Eating some very fashionable garden wear.

Pretty soon they will be able to go out for longer excursions and before I know it they’ll be out in the ‘big chicken’ pen!

What is this 'grass' of which you speak?

What is this ‘grass’ of which you speak?

But for now we will enjoy the fun of fluffy butts and green grass on our homestead. πŸ™‚

Mom, are you sure this is ok?

Mom, are you sure this is ok?


Do you have any baby poultry on your homestead this spring? Any other ‘odd couples’ going out for a day in the sun?



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