New Poults on the Block

Five little poults!

Five little poults

New Turkey Poults

Look who hatched Friday evening! We have five new Narragansett turkey poults in the brooder box. I’m disappointed in the hatch rate; only 5 out of 14 eggs hatched. I candled the rest and only one of the unhatched eggs had an embryo that must have died about halfway through development. The rest had no signs of blood vessels or embryos.

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This hatching business is hard work!

This hatching business is hard work!


I am happy to have all of these little ones doing so well. I didn’t realize that the humidity tray in the incubator dried out and all of the poults were stuck in dried out membranes. All of them needed help hatching, but I’m glad to announce that none of themΒ died because of the complication. One more reminder for me to check the humidity trays more diligently, especially in the incubator with a circulating fan.

Hello! Nice to meet you. :)

Hello! Nice to meet you. πŸ™‚


The hatch started a day earlier than I expected, so I had to move the chicks in the brooder box out to the room with Merggie and Oz quickly last night. They are all doing well this morning, although the new chicks scared the daylights out of Ozling the gosling. Oz is scared of his/her own shadow and tried to hide under me when I gently placed the chicks under the heat lamp. That gosling cracks me up!

A little privacy, please?

A little privacy, please?


I have 8 more turkey eggs in an incubator that should hatch in about 2 1/2 weeks. I candled those eggs yesterday and it looked like most of them had blood vessels starting to form. Hopefully I will end up with at least a dozen turkeys this year.

I know it’s hard to think about these cute little fluff balls as ‘dinner,’ but most of them will be processed for our table. I’d like to save one or two hens to add to my flock, but the rest will be butchered humanely here on our homestead.

Do you raise heritage turkeys?

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