A Pocketful of Birds

Meet Mergatroid and Ozling :)
Meet Mergatroid and Ozling πŸ™‚

Two Birds in Pocket are Worth…?

Yesterday I shared photos of Mergatroid in my post One Tiny Turkey. But I didn’t go into much detail about Merggie the turkey’s story. This little turkey poult had trouble hatching, and against my better judgement I helped by carefully removing some of the shell to help out. I’m quite sure that if I hadn’t helped, Merggie wouldn’t have survived and he/she is still pretty weak and underweight. To make matters worse, the little one wasn’t interested in eating or drinking, and would peep constantly if I wasn’t holding it.

There is a pretty big size difference between the poult and the gosling.
There is a pretty big size difference between the poult and the gosling.

A Friend for Merggie

I felt bad that the little poult didn’t have any siblings hatch to keep it company and I was concerned that life would end pretty soon for the weakling. Enter Ozling. A lady offered one free gosling on Craigslist to anyone who wanted it. She said that the barn cats would eat it if no one wanted the poor little thing, and she wasn’t interested in taking care of it. I felt bad for the little gosling and wondered if it would be good company for the turkey poult. The gosling is much bigger than the poult so I was concerned that the size difference could cause problems. I went to pick up the gosling without knowing if this was a good decision or if I was just making more problems for myself and Merggie.

Merggie likes the new sibling :)
Merggie likes the new sibling πŸ™‚

An Odd Couple

But what the heck, the gosling would die if I didn’t pick it up and the poult wasn’t looking too good so I threw caution to the wind and brought home the newly hatched gosling. Ozling the gosling went into the brooder box to keep Merggie the turkey company and the little poult perked up immediately. Merggie mostly seemed interested in pecking at the gosling’s bill, eyes, and toes but things settled down soon and they snuggled together like the best of buds. The size difference is pretty big and they look rather comical together, but I think Merggie and Oz needed each other.

Making Progress

Since Oz joined Merggie in the brooder, the poult has started eating and drinking and is doing much better. Oz took to the food and water with no problems and Merggie is imitating the gosling. The turkey baby is still thin, but I think survival is much more likely for this little guy now. They both peep at me whenever I walk in the room and they like to spend time in the kangaroo pocket of my hoodie. The dogs go nuts when they hear peeping coming from my pockets and I have trouble keeping their noses under control. So far everyone is doing great and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of Merggie and Oz.

Hey Mom, what's for breakfast?
Hey Mom, what’s for breakfast?

Have you ever raised an ‘odd couple?’ How did it all work out?



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