Homestead Cooking with Carol eBook Review

Book - Homestead Cooking with Carol

Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make Ahead Meals

by Carol J. Alexander

Homesteader, homemaker, homeschooler, and freelance writer – Carol is one busy lady! So she really knows the value of having tasty meals (and their basic ingredients) canned and frozen ahead of time to feed her family. In her latest eBook, Homestead Cooking with Carol, she shares her secrets for planning, preparing, and preserving food from the farm and garden in easy to use combinations, perfect for quick meals, satisfying snacks, and delicious deserts.

Although this eBook isn’t really a recipe book, Carol includes quite a few yummy recipes that use natural ingredients you can put up yourself or find at the store. She also gives directions for meals, desserts, breads, and snacks that can be customized to your family needs. From meat stretching recipes, food preservation tips, hints for the home butcher, to no-nonsense DIY for cooking from scratch, this eBook is chock full of helpful advice. Carol shares a wealth of tips for busy homesteaders (and anyone else!) who wish to save time, boost nutrition, and make the most of their hard earned money when it’s time to set the table. Don’t skimp on taste or fall into the habit of pre-packaged meals, delivery, or take out!

Do yourself, and your family, a favor and read Carol’s helpful eBook…Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make Ahead Meals is jam packed with down to earth, no nonsense meal prepping advice for the busy homesteader!


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this ebook from Carol and The Self Sufficient HomeAcre received a copy to give away. All opinions are my own.



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