A Handmade Christmas Tree Skirt

christmas tree skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt – Handmade by My Mom

Last year, for Christmas, my Mother gave me a wonderful homemade gift…the Christmas tree skirt pictured here. This is the first year we’ve had the pleasure of decorating our tree with this beautiful handmade, quilted skirt. I’m so happy to have one more example of my Mom’s creativity and skill in my home!

My whole life my Mom has been very talented with her sewing machine. She taught 4H sewing classes while my sister, Beth, and I were members. Although she attempted to teach sewing skills to me in 4H and at home on my own, I’m afraid I’ve never attained the level of sewing skill as her.

christmas treeA Homestead Treasure

Although I have a pretty Christmas tree skirt I purchased some years ago, I will likely give it away. The skirt my Mom made for me will always be a treasured part of our homestead Christmas decorations, along with the handmade Christmas stockings my Mom made for us!

Christmas tree skirt 2

Do you have any treasured Christmas decorations made by family or handed down to you?



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