Top Ten Uses for Whey

My Top Ten Uses for Sour Whey

If you’ve ever tried making your own Queso Fresco, Cottage Cheese, or Ricotta Cheese from fresh milk, you know that there is a lot of whey left over. These cheeses are made by heating the milk and adding vinegar, which is why this is called sour whey. When I make cheese with a gallon of milk, I end up with about 3/4 of a gallon (or a bit more) of whey. Sometimes it takes a while to use all that whey up…so here are some ideas for how to use it.

  • As a base for soups
  • In place of milk in homemade macaroni and cheese.
  • In place of milk in the egg mixture for French toast or scrambled eggs.
  • In place of milk or water in baked goods and pancakes.
  • In place of water for cooking cous cous or other pastas.
  • For reconstituting dried ‘refried’ beans and dried vegetables.
  • In place of water for making instant rice or potatoes.
  • In place of water for making oatmeal and cream of wheat (use a bit of honey).
  • For making gravy.
  • For making smoothies (use a bit of honey).

If you have pets or livestock you can also:

  • Pour some over your dog’s food (you’ll be an instant hero!)
  • Feed to your chickens or pigs

The acidity of sour whey reacts nicely with baking soda, causing your pancakes and baked goods to rise up nice and fluffy. When using sour whey in oatmeal or smoothies, you’ll probably want to counteract the acidity with honey, syrup, or sugar.

If you have more whey than you can use right away, freeze in ice cube trays or small containers to use later. Whey will keep for quite awhile in the refrigerator, but try to use it up in a month or so.

Do you make cheese? How do you use sour whey?




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