Thankful for a Step Back in Time

cast iron

A nice selection of cast iron cookware.

Autumn Pioneer Festival

Every fall I like to visit the Autumn Pioneer Festival because it reminds me of how self sufficient people had to be during the westward expansion of our country. It makes me feel a little bit wistful that I was born into an age of modern convenience. Of course, the feeling passed when I saw the surgeon’s tent!

Autumn Pioneer Festival

Pioneer Ladies

A Gentle Reminder

I think we all need a reminder occasionally of just how cushy most of our lives are these days. I realize that there are many people in the world who live in very primitive conditions and there are many in the US who are poor and suffering. But the majority of our society seems to think that having anything less than a smart phone, a new car, and granite counter tops is a terrible way to live.


Autumn Pioneer Festival

Fur Traders

I don’t blame people for wanting the new gadgets and trends, but I’ve really never understood it either. I tend to like vintage dishes, furniture, and clothing from the 30′ through the 50’s, myself. Probably because it reminds me of my Grandparents and their very old houses.


Autumn Pioneer Festival

Covered Wagon

As a kid I thought I couldn’t live without horses, ever. I loved the smell of the hay mow and black walnut hulls, rainstorms and ripe apples. Living on a farm taught me to appreciate the little things in life and just how tenuous our existence is on this good earth.

cast iron

Making kettle corn in a cast iron kettle.

And that is something the pioneers would have lived with each day of their lives. To grow all of your food, build a sod hut for your family, and to fear a hard winter without enough food to make it until spring…these things would make a person so thankful for the little gifts in life.

So when you get a chance, think about how difficult life has been for people through the ages, and remind yourself of just how fortunate you are!






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