My Grandma’s Bread Bowl

A blast from the past…My Grandma’s bread bowl in my old header image.

This post was originally published on 1/25/13.

Grandma’s House

My Grandma M didn’t have a lot of fancy things in her house. She had a few nice dishes, most had little chips from 5 farm boys passing them around like bulls in, well, in a china shop. I have a few things that were Grandma M’s. Our dining room set came from Gram and Gramp’s house. We’ve really enjoyed having that set. I’ll share it with you someday. πŸ™‚ One of my favorite things from Gram’s kitchen is her big blue bread bowl. Say that 10 times fast! I have used it for ‘whomping up’  a batch of bread, as my Dad says. But most of the time it is filled with our favorite fruits for snacking.

I remember my Grandma mixing up sugar cookies in this bowl. They were the best sugar cookies in the whole world! Sometimes Gram put a dab of currant jell in the middle of the cookes, but usually it was a raisin. There was always a big glass of milk or a spot of tea to go with the cookie.

My sister Beth and I had horses in my Grandparent’s barn , just about a 5 minute walk down the road from our house. And every day we’d go over to take care of the horses and then stop in for a snack with Gram and Gramp before heading home. At home we weren’t allowed to have cookies that close to dinner. I miss visiting my Grandparents…but I’m glad that I have a few things to remember them and their old farmhouse.

Did you grow up near your Grandparents? I’d love to hear your memories of them!



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