Atomic Red Carrot

Atomic Red Carrot from Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

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I received free packets of seeds to review. All opinions are my own.

I harvested the rest of my Atomic Red Carrots from Mary’s Heirloom Seeds (#ad) today! Mary sent a  wonderful selection of seeds this spring for me to review, and I’m having lots of fun testing some varieties I’ve never grown before. I’ve already shared my reviews on Royalty Purple Podded Beans, Black Beauty Zucchini, 5 Color Silver Beet Swiss Chard, and Pink Oxheart tomatoes.

Atomic Red Carrots Have a Great Color!

These carrots are a wonderful shade of reddish orange and have a great carrot flavor. They tend to be a long, thin carrot, similar to the ones you buy in the grocery store. Since my garden soil is rather high in clay and is chock full o’ rocks, these poor carrots had a tough time growing straight and pretty. The Danvers Half Long can handle the poor soil conditions better than the long, thin varieties that look so amazing in all of the seed catalogs.

This doesn’t mean I’ll give up on growing the Atomic Red Carrots! I’m hoping to fix up a raised bed with better soil that will be more conducive to growing them next year. The flavor and color is so good, I’m willing to put in a little extra effort to grow them again.

If you have a light loamy or sandy soil, you will enjoy growing these carrots in your garden! Now that I’ve tried red carrots, I’m tempted to order seeds for some of those wild looking purple carrots! How fun to shred them up in a salad for a different color. 🙂

Have you tried carrots that are an unusual color? What is your favorite variety of carrot?



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