Grandma and Grandpa’s Farm

Grandma’s house.

Grandma’s House & Grandpa’s Barn

I had a chance to shoot a few photos of my grandparents’ farm while we visited our families in NY. My Uncle Dean lives here now, and I’m so happy that he is taking such good care of the place, but it will always be ‘Gram and Gramp’s’ place to me. I have some really fond memories of traipsing around on this farm when I was a kid. Most of the summer found me in the garden, catching crayfish in the creek, riding horseback through the fields, or on the hay wagon.

As a kid, I sort of thought of the house as Grandma’s and the barn as Grandpa’s, despite the fact that they owned the property together. Gram was likely in the kitchen, baking up a batch of sugar cookies with a raisin in the center of each one, or maybe cutting up a gazillion cucumbers for her brine-cured mustard pickles in her pickle crock. Grandpa was usually on the front porch whittling, hoeing the garden, mowing the lawn, or tinkering in the barn. So the barn and outbuildings seemed like his domain.

Growing Up Close to Grandparents

I grew up right down the road from my grandparents and our house was on the edge of their property. We raised beef cattle, pigs, and kept horses in their barn over the winter. It was great to stop in and see what Gram had in the cookie jar after chores. I feel bad that my son has grown up so far from his grandparents and never got to know his Grandpa on Tom’s side. Taking a job 600 miles from family has a lot of downsides, but we’re happy that Tom has a good job when so many people struggle with day to day expenses.

Some Day…

We hope to move back to build an eco-friendly home on the land my Dad inherited from Grandma and Grandpa. Until then I’ll dream of this view!

I hope you enjoyed seeing where I come from 🙂 I’d love to see where you came from too!



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