Canning a Bushel of Peaches

Just Peachy!


It’s Peach Canning Season on the Homestead!

Between the bushel of peaches I brought back from Amish country in New York and a bag of peaches from my friend Audrey, I had some work cut out for me this week! It seems like a lot of work when I’m in the middle of a canning session, but it is well worth the effort in the winter when we have home canned fruits and vegetables. I love knowing that we have healthy food ready to eat even if we are snowed in and the electricity is out.

Filling the jars with peaches.

I canned 34 pints of diced peaches and 16 half pints of peach jam over the last few days. We also had a peach pie and fresh peaches eaten over the sink…they are so juicy! It seems like a lot of food when I look at the jars ready to go in my canning cupboard, but I know that we could go through them very quickly.


Peach Jam!

I love peaches and planted a peach tree in our chicken pasture last year so we can raise our own. This year our little tree gave a total of 4 peaches, but I saw from Audrey’s trees that it doesn’t take too many years for the harvest to take over your kitchen!


Washing peaches to prepare for canning.

Peaches are an acid fruit and can be processed in a hot water bath canner. For safe instructions for canning peaches read this. Check out my post for information on planting fruit trees for self sufficiency.


Are you canning peaches or peach jam this year?





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