Pioneer Cooking

Dutch Oven with hot coalsCooking Like a Pioneer

I’ve always enjoyed cooking outside over a campfire. I recently started cooking in a Dutch oven over hot coals for a real pioneer experience. I like the fact that it requires me to be outside, enjoying the day, rather than being stuck in the kitchen looking out my window. I can hear the ducks quacking and the rooster crowing, and even the breeze rustling the grass, as I stir the pot and mess around with a campfire. (For a full article on Campfire Cooking in a Dutch Oven visit my post over at The Prepper Project.)


Dutch Oven and Griddle on the campfire

Last night I made tacos over a campfire and they tasted great. Unfortunately I got busy cooking and didn’t take as many photos as I wanted, so I guess I’ll need to do this again real soon!

Shadow thinks this outdoor cooking thing is the bomb…food, on his level, but just outside the rope limit!

Griddle over the fire

Do you cook in a Dutch oven over a campfire? What is your favorite recipe?





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