First Day Outside

Some of the ducklings went out for the first time the other day. They were very nervous at first, but they soon settled down and seemed to enjoy the grass and pan of water.

Pekin ducks

A Sick Duckling

Yesterday I noticed that one of the ducklings had some trouble walking. Today it was worse and by this afternoon it was obvious that this little guy was not going to survive. It was mostly rolling around on its back in the brooder room and unable to walk. The only thing close to it that I’ve seen in my chickens is Marek’s Disease, but ducks are supposed to be immune to it.

Since the duckling could not get to the food and water, I knew I had to put it down and I wasn’t looking forward to it. (I’ve had to put a 2 day old chick down before, and it’s harder when they’re little and cute.) I made sure that the end was quick for the young duck rather than starvation, or being pecked to death by it’s flock mates.

On A Lighter Note…

I have a cute little clip of the ducklings outside for the first time…

Have you ever had a duckling lose it’s ability to walk?



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