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Review of The Gardening Notebook by Angi Schneider

I’ve kept notes on garden information, thoughts, and observations for years. So you can imagine my delight when Angi asked me to review her newly released e-book, The Gardening Notebook.

This e-book provides a base of information and the format for customizing your individualized notebook for any gardener. Angi starts out by providing general information to help you get started in gardening, including composting, amending your soil, and links so you may research plants that do well in your area. The notebook also contains basics for growing and harvesting many of our popular vegetables as well as some fruits. Common pests and problems are listed along with space for your own notes. She includes links to good resources (such as USDA Zone maps and first and last frost dates, composting resources, and more), gives tips on when to start plants, and provides space for keeping plenty of notes and contact numbers. Also included are printable sheets such as; grids for layout of your garden, a blank calendar, worksheets, planting guides, and sheets for your garden journal. I like the fact that she covers the basics and leaves room for the gardener to ‘grow’ their own ongoing journal.

The Gardening Notebook provides a starting point for beginners and a base that advanced gardeners may customize to include their own areas of interest. Vegetables and some fruits are included, but ornamental plants, herbs, and flowers will need to be filled in by the gardener according to their interests.

For gardeners who want to print out a paper copy of The Gardening Notebook to take to the garden, kitchen, living room, and back to their desk…this e-book is designed with you in mind. If you are looking for an online notebook that you can fill in on the computer, cut and paste, and customize before printing out…this notebook is not set up for that. It’s in a read only format for printing out and adding to as needed. Most of the gardeners I know tend to like a paper copy, and this will fill the bill. I would suggest printing on recycled paper and using a 3 hole punch on the printed copy so you can keep it in a handy binder to protect the pages from wear and tear.

This notebook is a great base of information, especially for those who want to organize their gardening notes and for beginning gardeners who need help starting out.

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