40 Pounds of Organic Fair Trade Chocolate!

Mmmmm....chocolate cake!

Dark chocolate cake with fair trade chocolate chips!

Check out my recipe for Dark Chocolate Cake!

Buying Chocolate in Bulk

My family made the commitment to stop buying conventionally produced chocolate because, if it isn’t fair trade, it is most likely grown and harvested with slave labor. Many of those slaves are children. And we don’t feel right about supporting the unethical treatment of our fellow human beings.

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Chocolate Chips - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre


I found organic, fair trade chocolate available from Azure Standard. I pay more for it, but we have the peace of mind that comes from buying fair trade, organic products.

You may purchase organic, fair trade chocolate chips from Azure Standard.


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Update: Azure Standard now sells this chocolate in a 10 pound box, rather than 40 pounds. I think that’s a better size for most chocolate lovers.



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