Mary’s Heirloom Seeds – Sale!

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds Fall Crop Sale!

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Sale Ends July 31st – Order Now!

Order select cool season vegetable seeds and receive 10% Off qualifying purchases of $10 or more. Enter Fall2018 to save on any seeds ordered from the following selections…

Heirloom Greens 10% Off
Heirloom Cabbage 10% Off
Heirloom Beets 10% Off
Heirloom Radish 10% Off
Heirloom Carrots 10% Off
Heirloom Seeds 10% Off

This sale is exclusive for The Self Sufficient HomeAcre readers!

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Sale is subject to restrictions, may not be combined with other offers, and final decisions are made by Mary’s Heirloom Seeds. 

99¢ Seed Sale!

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