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turducken soup graphic

Turducken Soup for The Homesteaders’ Soul

What is a Turducken? For the uninitiated, a turducken is made by stuffing a deboned chicken in a deboned duck, which is stuffed into a deboned turkey. A ‘modern’ turducken is usually seasoned with Creole spices, and bread stuffing (with Andouille sausage) fills the layers between the birds. I say …

Mmmm, dilly beans!

Brine Cured Dilly Beans

Read my post How to Make Brine Cured Pickles for more brine cured pickle recipes. Brine Curing Dilly Beans Last year my …

Happy Mother's Day to all my peeps!

Happy Mother’s Day!

  Happy Mother’s Day! I started Mother’s Day to the sound of peeping chicks. They started hatching yesterday and the rest hatched …

Winter Vegetable Stew with Pork

Cooking Pork Hocks

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