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Getting grungy in the garden.

Garden Grunge

  You might be interested in reading my post How to Care for Newly Planted Beds. Spring Gardening & Grungy Fingernails No, I’m not talking about a new band out of Seattle. It’s officially that time of year when my fingernails look like I’ve been digging through garbage. And they …

Eco Friendly Seed Starting  - The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Eco Friendly Seed Starting

You might be interested in reading How to Start Seedlings Indoors. Starting Seeds Sustainably I try to think about my impact on …

Set Up a Seed Starting Calendar ~ The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Set Up a Seed Starting Calendar

For more information, read my articles How to Start Seedlings Indoors, and Caring For Newly Planted Beds. Set Up a Customized Seed Starting …

This turkey hen is one of the lucky ones. She'll stick around to raise our turkey for next Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving on the Homestead

Thankful for Our Homestead Harvest Thanksgiving on a homestead is much like anywhere else. As a modern homesteader I am thankful for …