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Too many eggs in my fridge

Too Many Eggs?

  Too Many Eggs in My Refrigerator It’s that time of year, when the hens are laying eggs in overdrive and I can’t seem to use them all up before the fridge is overrun. It’s not a ‘problem,’ really…it just means that we eat eggs every day. Is your refrigerator …

Sauteed Garlic Mustard Greens

Sauteed Garlic Mustard Greens

      Foraged Garlic Mustard Greens The first greens of spring are ready for the taking! Dandelions, garlic mustard, curly dock, …

duck eggs s

Duck Eggs!

  You might be interested in reading my post, How to Use Duck Eggs. Gathering Duck Eggs Once Again! I love using …

DIY Greek Yogurt ~ The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

DIY Greek Yogurt

You might also like to read my posts Frugal Milk, Cheese & Yogurt and Homemade Ricotta Cheese. Greek Yogurt ~What’s the Big Deal? Ok, …

This is one of the eggs that appears infertile.

Candling Turkey Eggs ~ Day 7

Candling Turkey Eggs On Day 7 Candling eggs from your incubator gives you an opportunity to see the development of the embryos. …

Easy Microwave Egg Scramble ~ The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

Easy Microwave Egg Scramble

  Are your hens starting to pick up on egg production with the increased daylight hours? You might want to read my …