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Homestead Animals

Big Turkey

My 25 Pound Turkey

  A BIG Turkey! I’m almost done butchering the 10 Broad Breasted White turkeys I ordered this spring and raised on our homestead. There’s one left to butcher when I get a nice cool day, but the rest are in the freezer or I pressure canned the meat for winter. …

Khaki Campbell Duckling

Keeping Ducks on the Homestead

  Homestead Ducks Ducks are a great addition to the small homestead. They provide eggs and meat, and pest control too! Their …

Black Cayuga Ducks

The Case of the Mystery Ducks

Wait a Minute…These Aren’t Khaki Campbells! I ordered 5 Khaki Campbell ducklings through our local farm supply store and they arrived in …

Khaki Campbell Duckling

Easter Peeps!

  Happy Easter!   Fluffy Little Easter Peeps on Our Homestead   Wishing You a Wonderful Spring and a Happy Easter!