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Buff Orpington hens

Common Chicken Questions

Common Chicken Questions Here are some of the common questions I get about raising chickens…I hope that this post will answer some …

Egg harvest!

Are Chickens Vegetarians?

Chickens Are Omnivores Chickens will eat pretty much whatever they can wrap their little beaks around. This includes grass, grains, vegetables and …

You'll get fewer eggs from your birds while they are molting.

Hatching Ducklings in Autumn

Coming Soon – Autumn Ducklings! You might think I’m a bit crazy for hatching ducklings (or chicks) in the fall. Why would …

This egg has a very interesting shell.

Black Cayuga Duck Egg

  My First Black Cayuga Duck Egg! I’ve been waiting, rather impatiently, for our Black Cayuga duck hen to lay her first …

Milking the goats.

Farm Sitting

  Farm Sitting? If you’ve never lived on a farm, this term may sound weird. But for those of us with livestock, …

Big Turkey

My 25 Pound Turkey

  A BIG Turkey! I’m almost done butchering the 10 Broad Breasted White turkeys I ordered this spring and raised on our …