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Lisa Lynn

rv rebuild

Redneck RV Rebuild

  An Interesting Visit My parents decided to take a trip in their RV to Alaska this summer to visit my sister. …

Khaki Campbell Duckling

Keeping Ducks on the Homestead

  Homestead Ducks Ducks are a great addition to the small homestead. They provide eggs and meat, and pest control too! Their …

Fresh salad with kale and day lilies from my garden.

Eat Your Weedies

Eating Weeds I like to supplement my garden goodies with weeds foraged from the countryside. This year I decided not to forage …

salsify s

Saving Salsify Seed

  Salsify or Vegetable Oyster Salsify, also known as vegetable oyster, is a little known root vegetable. I remember my grandparents growing …

Common Milkweed flower.

Saving Milkweed for the Monarchs

Responsible Foraging & Wildlife Habitat I like foraging for wild edibles, but I also like Monarch butterflies. And these beautiful creatures are …