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I’m a homemaker, making my home on an acre, hence the name of this blog. My family lives in the northern Midwest, where it is too hot or too cold for most of the year. But we manage to ‘keep our cool’ all year ’round.

I raise poultry for eggs and meat, butchering them myself. My garden gets bigger every year, and I can, freeze, or dehydrate the bounty for the winter. I belong to (or run) buying clubs so we can purchase organic and natural foods at better prices. We buy beef and pork from nearby farmers, keeping the money in our local economy and providing safer, higher quality meat for our meals. My husband, Tom, and I homeschooled our son and raised him to question the status quo. He is taking college classes now and has learned to think outside the subdivision.

You may be wondering how I wandered down this path. This is the kind of lifestyle my parents instilled in me from childhood. My father grew up on a dairy farm in Western New York. My mother was raised to bake and cook from scratch, make butter and cottage cheese, and do it all on a shoestring. They came from modest, hardworking backgrounds. My childhood home was built at the edge of my grandparents 400 acre farm. I had the run of all that land and I really took advantage of that! We had horses, beef cattle, pigs, ducks, and chickens. I learned to grow a garden, milk a cow, butcher chickens, bale hay, muck stalls, ride bareback, can fruits and veggies, forage for wild edibles, and have fun doing it all. I remember fondly the wild apples we made into cider, the blackberry patches full of sun ripened berries that we canned for winter, family trips to the orchards for peaches and cherries…and I’ve wanted to go back to that way of life ever since. So Tom and I moved away from the subdivision to a one acre agricultural property as soon as we could afford to…and we’ve never looked back.

I am on a quest to become more self sufficient and less dependent on the grocery store for our necessities. As our economy becomes more and more complex, we have less control over where our food comes from. It’s time to take back our lives, learn to live more simply, and get back to our roots. What say you good people?!?

Thanks for joining me on my adventures!

Lisa Lynn


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