Sour Milk – Don’t Toss it Out!

Sour milk and whey make awesome baked goods!
Sour milk and whey make awesome baked goods!

When Good Milk Goes Bad

I buy 2 or 3 gallons of raw milk each week from a local farmer. It’s no problem at all for our family of 3 to use 2 gallons of milk a week. I make at least one batch of yogurt a week, plus I usually make a small batch of butter each week too. We all like the raw milk on our cereal and I have replaced the soy milk I used to put in my coffee and tea with whole raw milk. But sometimes we end up with a quart or 2 of milk that goes sour before we use it up. No biggie, I use it in baked goods or pancakes for breakfast.

But one week I bought 3 gallons of milk with the intention of making a couple batches of fresh cheese. A couple days later I came down with a nasty cold and just didn’t feel like being in the kitchen.

Raw milk and cream in the fridge!

I ended up with a gallon of sour milk. I won’t throw it out because I pay extra for organic, raw, locally produced milk from beautiful Jersey cows. I have given the old milk to my chickens, but then I read that dairy products are not good for their digestive systems. So the sour milk sat in our fridge, taunting me…”How wasteful! What are you going to do with me? Don’t just leave me here to rot, you lazy woman!”

Once my cold was over, I decided it was definitely time to do something with that gallon of sour milk. I rolled up my sleeves and made a quadruple batch of cinnamon raisin muffins, a batch of sour milk biscuits, and a loaf of Boston Brown Bread. Sour milk and whey both produce nice, fluffy results in your home baked goodies.


Brown bread made with sour milk.

That used up half the sour milk. I was tired of baking, quite frankly…and I knew we didn’t need any more nummies hanging around tempting us. So I went online and looked up uses for sour milk. Don’t you just love the internet?! The results of my search made me jump for joy. Okay, I didn’t really jump, but I thought about it. πŸ™‚ There was a recipe for making cottage cheese from sour milk! I’ve been wanting to try cottage cheese, since my son loves the stuff and can eat a 16 oz container in 2 sittings (mainly because I pointed out that he should not eat the whole thing in 1 sitting!). The cost of a small container of organic cottage cheese is pretty close to $4 so I was delighted to have a thrifty use for the last of the sour milk in the fridge.


Making cottage cheese with sour milk. Here’s a quick peek at a vintage bowl from my Grandma P’s kitchen.

I know you want to hear more, right? Well, tomorrow I’ll share a recipe for making cottage cheese from sour milk…so be patient!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your uses for sour milk! Do you use it, toss it, feed it to the pigs and chickens, or wait for someone else in the house to do something with it?!

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