40 Pounds of Organic Fair Trade Chocolate!

Mmmmm....chocolate cake!
Dark chocolate cake with fair trade chocolate chips!

Check out my recipe for Dark Chocolate Cake!

That’s a Lot of Chocolate!

Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard so I can get on with this post!Β  Okay…good to go.

Does it sound like Valentine’s Day came a little early to our house? Here’s the scoop…my family made the commitment to stop buying conventionally produced chocolate because if it isn’t fair trade, it is most likely grown and harvested with slave labor. Many of those slaves are children. And we don’t feel right about supporting that kind of unethical treatment of our fellow human beings. So I searched online for companies selling organic fair trade chocolate and we began buying it in bulk.

Well, our chocolate supply started running a bit low and last night I found the container sitting empty on the counter. Don’t worry! I had plenty of warning and decided to get my order ready about a month ago. But this time, the companies that I normally order from didn’t have it in stock.Β  Luckily, it was available from Azure Standard, one of the co-ops I order from. The price is pretty steep for chocolate (I believe it was $5.85/ pound including shipping)…but we make an order like this last for about a year and we have the peace of mind that comes from buying fair trade, organic products.


No one is happier about this chocolate order than my teenage son, Joe. πŸ™‚


Do you support organic, fair trade companies? What products do you buy from them?

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